Kubinyi, Kalman

Kalman Kubinyi (b.1906-d.1973)

Kubinyi was active as an artist, teacher and administrator. A deeply committed community coordinator, he founded and headed the Cleveland Printmakers and the Cleveland Print Market. Between 1935-9, he supervised the Graphics Arts Project of the WPA (one of five graphic centers) and then the entire district WPA project. The locations for printmaking included primarily the Huntington Polytechnic Institute and at others like Karamu House, and even the Lakeview Terrace gallery. The subjects of many WPA prints were of workers or work scenes with clear social entendre. The artists came together many times to experiment with printmaking techniques, reflecting the in their own individual styles. Many reflected scenes near the central city near the Flats or Cuyahoga River. Kubinyi exhibited in print shows in many cities in the United States and as far away as Venice Biennial (1937) and the New York World's Fair (1939).

Railroad Crossing