Bates, Kenneth

Kenneth Bates (b 1904 d 1994)

Bates was an excellent colorist, designer, craftsman exploring the endless possibilities of enameling. Inspiration came from a variety of sources including works of art in the Cleveland Museum of Art collection of which this is perhaps an example and shapes from his own garden. He was always experimenting translating two-dimensional design into three dimensions. To gain different effects, he would use a welding torch on copper sheets to create a surface with holes or rippled edges, incorporate different materials and found objects with enamel producing wonderful textures. His work won many prizes at the May Show. Head of the Design Department of the Cleveland School of Art, he wrote on both design and enameling techniques. His book The Enamelist has been a main resource since its publication. His students, peers and friends talk of his great enthusiasm and teaching.

Oriental Casket