These units of curriculum for the teaching of Regional Art through the teaching of regional history and art have been developed with the cooperation of Young Audiences of Greater Cleveland, the Academy for American History managed by historians at Cleveland State University and The Cleveland Institute of Art under a Martha Holden Jennings Foundation grant. They are targeted for students from grades 5-16. While focusing on teaching regional history through art, they can be useful tangentially to science and math classes as artists use those discipline skills and address improved learning in the Arts, improved language literacy and as improved learning in history directly and improving learning in math, science and technology tangentially. Nina Freedlander Gibans, a cultural educator who has taught (K-16 in museums and colleges), written books and developed videos related to this region’s art, has managed the project and can be reached at

Young Audiences of Greater Cleveland Education Department.

Academy of American History Mark Tebeau, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of History.

Cleveland Institute of Art, Jim Mravec, project supervisor, Frank Walls , design and production, Chon Schoaff, design; Sarah Lohman additional web work and updating.

Advisors to the project: Mary Campbell-Zopf, Arts in Education, Ohio Arts Council; Donna Collins, Director, Ohio Arts Education Association and Dale Hilton, Cleveland Museum of Art; Art Teachers: Mary Beth Matthews, Nancy Murnyack, Gala Loarca; Young Audiences roster artist: Valerie Van Sice; Language Arts Teacher: Heather Pelphrey;

Funding for history workshops provided by the United States Department of Education, through the Teaching American History Grants Program and Cleveland State University as part of the project: "Constructing the Region, Constructing the Nation: An Academy for American History," under the direction of Mark Tebeau, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History and Kevin Malecek, Project Coordinator. Program faculty include Peter Rutkoff, Professor of American Studies, Kenyon College and William Scott, Professor of History, Kenyon College; further assistance and advice provided by artists Melvin Rose and Penny Rakoff and Greg Peckham of Cleveland Public Art .

Regional teachers contributing to the construction of specific lesson materials are cited as the author of the lesson plan; they are: Jennifer Lewis, Ginny Mazurak, Mary Kay Overman, Kris King, Alissa Nazelli, Foyn McDevitt, Maureen Carroll, Diane Lekan, Laurien Schaeffer, Tim Mitchell, Shane Dennison, Andrew Glasier, Brian Biermann, Gary Mangan, Jim Lane, Bill Rabel, Anita Russ, Pam Donaldson, Marc Kirby, Greg James, Tim Fitzpatrick, Michael Turk, Darren Patterson, Gail Felix, Molly Perry, Thomas Berger.

Thanks for permission to use publications with copyrights at the Cleveland Artists Foundation, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Kent State University Press, Cleveland State University. Most website images are included in the book Creative Essence: Cleveland’s Sense of Place, Kent State University Press, 2005 by Nina Freedlander Gibans. Any other use must have permission from artists and photographers and publications.

Many other artists can be found through the links page and their individual web pages.

for Creative Essence book
Mark Braun
Allen Theater
Ross De Alessi
Bridge Lighting Project –Project of Cleveland Public Art for Cleveland’s Bicentennial.
Lisa DeCesare
Shaker Square
Eric Hansen
Lofton House at Breezy Bluff
Miezckowski mural
Jennie Jones
Skyline of Public Square
Tudor House on Shaker Lakes
St. Stanislaus Church
The Temple
St. Theodosius Church, Main Onion spire with three lower spires
Chester Beach, Earth
Cleveland Museum of Art
Outer Lobby, Terminal Tower complex, looking towards Higbees
The Shoreby House
Det Federal Court House G.ilded Ceiling
The Old Arcade (now Hyatt)
Hart Crane Memorial

Bruce Kiefer
Blossom Music Center
Roger Mastroianni
Severance Hall
Nick Merrick at Hedrich Blessing
Gary Quesada and Justin Maconochie with Hedrich Blessing
Details of Federal Reserve Bank
Rob Muller at Taft collection
McVey (rug)
William Pinter
George Adomeit (2) at the Shoreby Club
107th Street plaque
Carl Floyd Tempus Pons
Charles Burchfield-at Jay Ferrari home
Al Teufen
Clarence Mack House
Don Snyder
Cleveland Public Library
Morrison ceiling
Entrance to building
Sommer mural
Public Art
Rakoff/Pozo Jacobs Field
Soldiers and Sailors Monument