Westlake, Paul

Paul Westlake (b. 1952 )

van Dijk Westlake Reed Leskosky was founded in 1905 by Abram Garfield, the son of President James Garfield. It is the oldest continually operating architectural firm in northern Ohio , with a professional staff of nearly 100, the firm maintains an average volume of $500,000,000 in projects in design and construction. The firm has been honored with more than 100 significant design awards in the last twenty-five years, including the AIA Ohio Gold Medal Firm Award and several honors from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The firm's work has been extensively featured in professional and popular publications, including Architecture, Architectural Record, Progressive Architecture and Interiors. The van Dijk firm is perhaps best known for the Blossom Center building. The aesthetic upon which they have a gained their reputation is grace and elegance. The Planetarium is an example of this as well. Shapes tend to be unusual yet classical, quiet rather than pushing space aggressively. The firm has been involved in major restorations of the Federal Reserve Bank Building, The Huntington Bank Building and The Society Bank Building.

The Nathan and Fanny Shafran Planetarium, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History