Lucas, Craig

Craig Lucas (b. 1941)

The paintings of this period are imposing abstract compositions rhythmically built up striated layers of paint on top of shapes beneath that entice the viewer. The artist begins by blocking out geometric forms in a single color on the canvas. The shapes may be achieved by cutting or scrapping away layers of paint put on previously. For this painting, Lucas juxtaposes stripes against a column of barely veiled circles in primary colors on the left side. The appearance is similar to an artists color card. For Lucas, there is a fusion of color and form skillfully developed by his painting process-of under-painting and building up the composition one layer at a time until the viewer interacts with the results that excite and challenge. Lucas uses squeegees and other devices to move the paint rhythmically and create the multi-layered surfaces. Lucas was a student and has been a professor at Kent State University. His work has been exhibited in many cities in Ohio and in Toronto, Los Angeles, and New York City.