Lucak, Douglas

Douglas Lucak (b.1959)

Working with pinhole photography, chosen for its simplicity and depth of field, this artist gives us incredible views of the city-its streets, alleys, paths, and highways, houses, buildings. He makes us look at this world. The imprecise pinhole introduces an element of chance and after he tones the images to effect a fuzzy ethereal image we have a work filled with feeling. Lucak sets his cameras on stoops, places it between guardrails, or wherever to record his unforgettable images --the honesty of our city through its aching grey light, resonant for their timelessness and melancholy. Lucak has had many solo exhibits and has been included in many group exhibits. His work is included in the following collections: the Progressive Corporation, George Gund Foundation, Cleveland Museum of Art in this region among others and the LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene and MacCrae collection in London, England. Lucak was awarded an Ohio Arts Council Individual Fellowship in 2003.

Radiance and Industry