Stanczak, Julian

Julian Stanczak, (b. 1928)

Identified early in his career as a coming talent at the occasion of the Responsive Eye exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art , New York in 1965 in the realm of perceptual abstraction, Julian Stanzcak has reflected upon and painted with highly developed technique, many varieties of thoughtful possibility involving form and color throughout his career. He has been recognized nationally and internationally with solo exhibits and retrospectives, and written about in books and catalogues. He taught for 38 years at the Cleveland Institute of Art. This mural, one of ten painted on city walls in the mid-1970s, reflects the style we know. Facing west, it gave a building housing low-income clients a distinction. It gave the downtown city pause to think about red and blue as they work in and through sun and rain. How do we see; how do our eyes understand the juxtaposition of color and light?

City Mural