Deming, David

Self Portait (As a Dog).

David Deming, b.

Deming has enjoyed a successful career both as a sculptor and as a teacher and arts administrator. He has exhibited his sculpture in over 100 competitive and invitational exhibitions nationally and internationally with over 50 one and two person exhibitions.

His sculpture is in over 100 public and private collections including the Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio, the Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, The San Antonio Museum of Art, Texas and Utah State University in Logan, Utah.

One of his outdoor works was included in “American Sculpture Exhibition” at the White House in Washington DC in the First Lady’s Garden.

Most of Mr. Deming’s sculpture ranges from garden size to large outdoor abstraction in metal. However, since he began his career, his portrait work has paralleled his success as an abstract artist. These often very classic portraits represent corporate leaders like Jerry Sanders of Advanced Micro Devices, Anthony Rossi, founder of Tropicana Fruit Company, also political leaders like Barbara Jordan, President George Bush, Winthrop Rockefeller and U.S. Congressman Jake Pickle of Texas.