Pearson, John

John Pearson (b. 1940)

Pearson is a systemic artist carefully organizing his work around sequences of shape, color, line beginning with an idea that has multiple possibilities for satisfying resolutions. In the Mondrian Series, titled because of his Mondrian-like palette of red, yellow, blue, black, white and grey, the artist moved the silk screen over the surface of the canvas until the painting was completed as a rich complex of patterns of angled lines on the multi colored background. The color sequences and movement of the lines draw the viewer into the web of the work. Pearson comes from a background of teaching, traveling and exhibiting in many areas of the world. His most recent work is very different synthesizing his experience and reflection. He has been the Young-Hunter Professor of Studio Art at Oberlin College where he has taught for 30 years.

Mondrian Linear Series